Hendersonville Dentist informs patients

Hendersonville Dentist is introducing a Newsletter

Hendersonville Family Dentistry is beginning a Newsletter, our plan is to inform our patients about what is going in and around our office. We want to personally thank those who are constantly referring us new patients to our office. We are growing tremendously due to new patients; and our regular patients returning and sending us new patients as well. We love our patients and we want to ensure they get the best quality work we can give.

Hendersonville Dentist love his patients

Also, in our newsletter we are want to inform our patients of the newest and latest products we will be offering in our office. You will be able to get to know our team a little bit better;by knowing where they graduated from school and what they enjoy doing when they aren’t at work. You will be informed of our plans on building out next door to our office, how awesome is that? The newsletter has been in the work’s for a little while, and before too long you will be able to receive it via email. Hendersonville Family Dentistry wants you to know we care a lot about our patients. (:


Hendersonville Dentist encourages Cavity Free Club

Hendersonville Dentist encourages children

Hendersonville Family Dentistry discusses the importance of oral hygiene with all of the kids. We are encouraging kids in our office to be cavity free. We are hoping with encouraging them to be cavity free they will take extra care of their teeth. With learning to care for their teeth early on as a child, it promotes good dental health and oral hygiene.

Hendersonville Dentist promotes their Cavity Free Club

When kids enter our office they will get their regular cleaning and exam; Dr, Harbin will exam the child’s teeth and if he see’s zero cavities he or she will be rewarded with being apart of the Cavity Free Club. Upon being a cavity free member, their name will be entered into a drawing for two free movie tickets, and a special certificate. (This applies to those who are 15 and under.) Also, in our monthly newsletter their name will appear in it announcing they are cavity free. Dr. Harbin enjoys seeing children in our office, and he enjoys what he does he wants to ensure each individual child knows the importance of caring for their teeth.

Hendersonville Dentist wants to whiten your smile.

Hendersonville Dentist can help whiten your smile

This past weekend was the Southern Woman’s show in Nashville, Tennessee. There were over three-hundred booths set up at the Music City Center. There were lots of crafts, clothing, décor, food, furniture, vehicles, doctor’s and teeth whitening and much more. I have never been to the Southern Woman’s show and this was my first time; I was baffled by how man vendor’s there were. While there I saw lots of people getting their teeth whitened. This booth was so busy, whitening people’s teeth. A lot of people were upset that they didn’t have the time to get their teeth whitened that day. Did you know that Hendersonville Family Dentistry can whiten your teeth?

Hendersonville Dentist offer’s teeth whitening

Hendersonville Family Dentistry offers three different types of teeth whitening. You can do the in home teeth whitening, where you can do teeth whitening at home in your own time. Also, we have Dash which is about an hour. We also, have Zoom which takes a little over an hour. Want to know more about each one? Call our office today to get all the information 615-822-8262 or send us an email via our website www.hendersonvillefamilydentistry.com