What Is Hand Foot And Mouth Disease.

Will My Child Catch Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.

Hand foot and mouth disease, or HFMD, is a type of contagious viral illness that causes rash in the mouth and on the hands and feet of infants and young children, and , while rare, adults. Characterized  by sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet, hand-foot-and-mouth disease is most commonly caused by a bacterium that lives in the human digestive tract. HFMD can spread from person to person, typically via unwashed hands.

How Can My Child Prevent HFMD

There is no known vaccine to defend our child against HFMD. However, the risk of your child contracting the disease can reduced by:

Making sure your child washes his or her hands often.

Throughly cleaning objects and surfaces.

Making sure your child avoids close contact with those who are infected.

To learn more about hand-foot-mouth disease or to schedule an appointment for your child, please give our office Hendersonville Family Dentistry a call.



Hendersonville Dentist Discusses Fluoride

Fluoride Is Important At All Ages.

If you think that fluoride treatments are only important during adolescence, you are probably not alone. In the past, fluoride was used primarily to protect teeth during their initial eruption and development which is why you probably remember fluoride treatments when you visited the dentist as a child. However, fluoride is still important as we age and should not be forgotten about after the age of 18.

One reason that many patients stop receiving fluoride treatments as adults is because they are often no longer covered by their dental insurance companies. We have good news for you! Hendersonville Family Dentistry make fluoride affordable at the cost of only $20.00.

Dentist Discusses Importance of Fluoride.

To help you understand why fluoride is important at all ages, we have listed a variety of scenarios in which adult patients may benefit from regular fluoride treatments 

  • Do you experience sensitivity? Regular fluoride applications can help eliminate sensitivity.
  • Do you have any crowns or bridges? Fluoride can help protect these restorations and eliminate decay around their margins.
  • Do you struggle with tooth decay even though you brush and floss as instructed? You may be at an increased risk of decay and need additional protection for your tooth enamel.
  • Do you take medications that cause dry mouth? Saliva helps clean your teeth naturally, but a decrease in saliva can increase your risk for tooth decay. Fluoride can help prevent against decay for patients experiencing in dry mouth.
  • Do you have braces? Teeth can be harder to clean during orthodontic treatment, putting you at an increased risk of developing cavities. Fluoride can help strengthen your teeth and prevent decay with your braces.

Hendersonville Dentist Gives Back

Dentistry from the Heart-2016

Hendersonville Family Dentistry just completed their annual free dental day called Dentistry from the Heart Saturday-August 6, 2016. We were able to see and treat 56 people who were in need of dental treatment. We calculated an estimated of free dental work we gave away and the total we came up with was $12,000 dollars. We had over forty volunteers and we had nine doctors total who helped make this event a success.

Thank You’s Are in Order

We want to first start by thanking our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry who worked an additional day on top of already working a very busy week. We want to thank volunteers who were in and around the Nashville, TN area. We want to thank all of the doctors: Dr. Harbin, Dr. Jones, Dr. McNutt, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Pierre, Dr. Hower, Dr. Strandburg, Dr. Stewart, Dr. Wilson. Thank you for giving up your Saturday to help those in need.

Thank you to Lindsey from Hoissen Dental Implant for donating the amazing food from Gibson’s Cafe in Lafayette, TN. Thank you to Brittany from Henry Schein for donating all of the supplies that was needed to even make this event possible. Thank you to Patterson Dental for donating autoclave’s for our sterilization center for this event. Without any of these people or things we wouldn’t have been able to pull off this event and it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.

You can view images on our Facebook, Instagram and website. Until next year ladies and gentlemen!

Maintaining Healthy Primary Teeth (Children)

Why Are The Primary Teeth Important?

It is very important to maintain the health of the primary teeth. Neglected cavities can and frequently do lead to problems which effect developing permanent teeth. Primary teeth, or baby teeth are important for proper chewing and eating, providing space for permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position and permitting normal development of the jaw bones and muscles. Primary teeth also affect the development of speech and add to an attractive appearance. While the front 4 teeth last until 6-7 years of age, the back teeth aren’t replaced until age 10-13.

Eruption Of Your Child’s Teeth.

Children’s teeth begin formatting before birth. As early as 4 months, the first primary or baby teeth teeth to erupt through the gums are lower central incisors, followed closely by the upper central incisors. Although all 20 primary teeth usually appear by age 3, the pace and order of their eruption varies.

Permanent teeth begin appearing around age 6, starting with the first molars and lower central incisors. This process continues until approximately 21.

Hendersonville Dentist Loves Fall Time

Do You Smell That Crisp Air?

As most of us are sitting through the school traffic, some are more than happy that the kids are back in school it can only mean one thing! FALL has arrived in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I don’t know about you, but the girls at the office can’t wait until September 8, when Starbucks will officially be selling those delicious pumpkin spice lattes. High School football will begin all around the Sumner county area this Friday! With Fall being here that can only mean ONE thing for our office. Dentistry from the Heart is returning to our office.

Free Dental Day in Hendersonville, TN

Dr. Harbin and his entire staff along with several volunteer’s will be volunteering their time and services this Saturday-August 29, 2015 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. This is a great opportunity to those who don’t have dental insurance, or feel they can’t afford the dental care they are in dire need of. We will be offering an extraction, filling or cleaning. This is our third year doing this, and we look forward to it EVERY YEAR! So come out to Hendersonville Family Dentistry on August 29, 2015 this is a first come first serve basis. Also, we will only be seeing and treating the first 100 patients so make sure you are in line early.

Cold Sores: Their Causes and Treatments

Are You A Victim of Cold Sores?

Cole sores are caused by herpes simplex virus (type I) The infection is produced by a different virus than the genital herpes infection (type II) Most people in the general population have been exposed to Type I virus. In fact, close to 70% of middle aged adults have been infected, although, most of these infections are deemed subclinical. That means that when infected there may have been no signs or symptoms of infection. The infection transmitted by contact and arises typically in children aged 6 months to 5 years. Remember how children are always putting fingers in their mouths at this stage of life?

The Virus That Can Be Reactivated

The lip infection is often re-activated by exposure to cold air or wind. Unfortunately, the oral reactivation occurs often after dental work is completed inside the mouth. Many patients mistakenly assume the dentist was somehow directly responsible for this malady. This is not the case. Some oral ulcers are a recurrence of the original herpes simplex infection.

A laser can be utilized to half the infection in its tracks. There are also many anti-viral medications that are effective as well.

Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Does Brushing Or Flossing Make You Wince Occasionally

Is the taste of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee sometimes a painful experience for you? Do you dread brushing your teeth due to it being painful? Is so, you may have sensitive teeth. Are you wondering why you may have sensitive teeth? Possible causes include:

  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Fractured Teeth
  • Worn fillings
  • Gum disease
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Exposed tooth root

Sensitive Teeth Can Be Treated

The type of treatment will depend on what is causing the sensitivity. Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones may suggest one of a variety of treatments.

  1. Desensitizing toothpaste- This contains compounds that help block transmission of sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve, this usually requires several applications before the sensitivity is reduced.
  2. Fluoride Gel– An in-office technique which strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the transmission of sensations.
  3. A crown, inlay or bonding– These may be used to correct a flaw or decay that results in sensitivity.
  4. Surgical gum graft- If gum tissue has been lost from the root, this will protect the root and reduce sensitivity.
  5. Root Canal– If sensitivity is severe and persistent and cannot be treated by other means, Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones may recommend this treatment to eliminate the problem.

Proper oral hygiene is the key to preventing sensitive-tooth pain. Ask your dentist at Hendersonville Family Dentistry if you have any questions about your daily oral hygiene routine or concerns about tooth sensitivity.

Hendersonville Dentist Wants to Thank Their Patients

Best of Sumner County Results

Dr. Harbin and the entire staff at Hendersonville Family Dentistry would like to take the time to thank all of his patients. We just got back from the breakfast hosted by The Tennessean for the results of Best of Sumner County. We want to thank each and everyone of our patients who took the time to personally go and vote for Dr. Harbin as “Best Dentist”.

The Results Are In for Toast of Sumner County

Dr. Harbin made the top three under the category Best Dentist. We learned this morning we finished third! We are very excited about this result, there were TONS of great dentist that were under the category. Thank you to all of our patients who voted for Dr. Harbin daily in order for us to make it into the top three. We know we have the best patients out there, and we are so excited that we were able to participate in this fun contest. We can’t wait until next year!

Dentistry is More Than Just Dentistry

A Nashville Dentist Has Many Responsibilities

A dentist provides dental treatment, they also offer care to under served people and areas.. They may owe on loans, and must support the salary of the team they employ. They are active in organized dentistry to protect their profession and to stay current on evidence-based dentistry. Finally, they abide by our code of ethics, which are the essential pieces to our profession.

But..Dentistry is more than just dentistry.

A Leader in our Community

Being a leader in our community is one of our greatest responsibilities. It’s also a chance to do something else that we are passionate about. We owe ourselves time away from dentistry to de-stress. So in our free time we like to give back to the community by volunteering, participating in school programs to educate students and much more. Dentistry is a gift and it’s an incredible talent that we have been given. However, it’s just one of our many talents, and we like to help other’s with our other talents in our free time.

Hendersonville Family Dentistry Loves the Fourth of July

Let Freedom Ring in Hendersonville, TN

Independence day is coming up, and it’s a great time to reflect on and express gratitude for all of the precious freedoms we enjoy everyday. It’s also a great holiday for enjoying time with friends and family, and to get involved with the awesome celebrations the community puts on.

What Are Your 4th Of July Plans?

Majority of our staff will be getting together with everyone’s families and having a July picnic together. I bet you didn’t know your staff at Hendersonville Family Dentistry is as close as they are, did you? Whatever your plans may be for the Fourth of July we hope you each have a safe and wonderful holiday. Our office will be closed tomorrow July 3, 2015 for those who won’t be attending the picnic to travel to their families and friends for the weekend.