President’s Day In Hendersonville, TN

Why Do We Celebrate President’s Day?

George Washington’s Birthday is United States federal holiday that is celebrated the third Monday in February in honor of George Washington. He was the first president of the United States born on February 22, 1732.

Hendersonville Family Dentistry is Open

Today might be a holiday for some and students are out of school, but our office is open today. If you have been needing to get into our office for a dental cleaning, or dental work, or needing to get your child into our office today is the perfect day to do just that. We are accepting same day appointments so call today and schedule your appointment. Our office looks forward to seeing you soon!


Fewer Adults Are Seeing the Dentist

Why Decline Going to the Dentist?

We recently learned that in a decade between 2000 and 2010, the amount of adults who regularly visited their dentist declined according to research. The percentage of adults who had regular checkups every six months declined from 41 percent in 2003 to 37 percent in 2010. The largest decline in dental care occurred in the 35 to 49 year old age group. That’s down from 43 percent in 2003 to just 38 percent in 2010.

There is some good news, however. While adults visit may have decreased, children’s visits were on the rise, particularly among low income families. More low income children are visiting the dentist now than they were ten years ago. Between 2000 and 2010, dental visits among low-income children increased in 47 states.

Every Six Months Please Come See Us.

Have you ever wondered  why Dr. Harbin and. Dr. Jones recommend that you come into the office for a dental checkup and cleaning every six months? While daily oral hygiene habits are essential to good oral health professional dental cleanings at Hendersonville Family Dentistry ensure you and your child’s teeth are treated to a deeper level of cleaning in addition to a thorough cleaning and teeth polishing, regular visits at Hendersonville Family Dentistry help us detect and prevent the onset of tooth decay and periodontal disease. During your visit we’ll check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue for symptoms of any oral disease. We will also check old fillings and restorations as these can wear away over time from constant chewing, clenching and or grinding at night.

If you are overdue for your next checkup and cleaning, please give us a call to schedule an appointment. 615-822-8262


Count Down Until Fall is Among Us

Only Two Days Until Fall has Arrived

There are only a couple of days until Fall is officially here. In our recent post we wanted you to share with us some of your favorite summer memories you were able to make with your friends & family this summer. While it’s sad to see summer go, and with summer leaving means it gets darker early and the chilly weather will soon be arriving.

What are some things you are looking forward to doing this fall with your friends & family? For me personally I love going to all of the local farms to gather apples, and pumpkins, not to mention going to those frightening haunted houses. Last year I took my entire team to a farm where we participated in a Zombie hunt. We were able to sit on a wagon and shoot zombies and we are looking forward to going back this year.


What Are You Looking Forward to This Fall.

So we are asking you! What are you looking forward to doing this upcoming fall with your friends & family? I know lots of my staff have already been enjoying the pumpkin spice latte’s from Starbucks. Several have mentioned taking their little’s to pumpkin patches in and around the middle Tennessee area. Like I mentioned before most of my team will enjoy shooting Zombie’s this fall and attending a haunted house.

We need more suggestions though, so comment below what you favorite fall memories are!

Why Dietary Guidelines Are Incorrect

Dental Flossing Isn’t a Recommendation-It’s a MUST!

When the federal government issued it’s latest dietary guidelines this year, the flossing recommendation had been removed, without notice. The government acknowledged the effectiveness of flossing had not been researched as required. They suggest that flossing is weak, and very unreliable. The reason flossing was removed is because the government didn’t find enough quality research to meet its criteria for recommending something!

What’s The Reality of this Problem?

The controversy is a mix of politics, a misunderstanding of how research works, and highlighting a true need for better research in all medicine, especially in dentistry.

The associated press article clearly has a certain slant, in that the aim of the article was to convince people they’ve been duped by the government, their ignorant dentists and most importantly Corporate America, into flossing. The article shows a misunderstanding of gum disease by its writer, claiming that research only looked at “gum inflammation but not gum disease.” Reality check: gum inflammation IS gum disease. Bacteria in the mouth can cause the body’s immune system to wage a war against bacteria. In the process of this drawn out war, there is collateral damage: destruction of gum tissue and bone tissue. Studying the gum inflammation is how one measures the state of gum disease.

Preventing gum disease lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and allows better overall health by reducing inflammation in the body. We HIGHLY recommend flossing at least once per day!

Have a Loose Tooth ?

Teeth Are Fragile!



Although teeth are strong enough to tear through food, they are also fragile. An accident such as fall may loosen teeth or knock a tooth out entirely. When a child loses a baby tooth in this manner, no permanent damage is usually done. However adults who loosen their permanent teeth may need to visit Hendersonville Family Dentistry. 

When a fall or blow to the face loosens a tooth, the tissues anchoring a tooth to the jaw maybe damaged. This results in a loosened tooth that wiggles in place. There may be inflammation or bleeding of the gums, which signals dental damage.

Treatments for a Loose Tooth.

If your teeth are just slightly loose following a fall, it may be fine to wait a few days. Teeth often re-tighten on their own. Simply avoid chewing with that tooth and enjoy softer foods for a few days.

If a tooth is very loose or nearly falling out, call our office immediately! Immediate placement of the tooth back into the socket is needed to ensure its survival. In general, a tooth must return to its socket within two hours or it may be lost.

Regardless of the extent of the problem, it is essential to keep the tooth clean to prevent decay. Brush carefully with a soft bristled brush, and use mouthwash regularly to kill bacteria.

Oral Cancer Are You at Risk?

Oral Cancer in Hendersonville, TN.

Nearly 4,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer annually in the United States, with more than 8,000 dying every year from the disease. Oral cancer has a higher death rate than many other common cancers, including cervical cancer, testicular cancer, lymphoma and thyroid or skin cancers. The high death rate results from the fact that most oral cancers go undiagnosed until the disease is well advanced and has spread to another part of the body, most often, the lymph nodes in the neck.

Risk Factors Affecting Developing Disease.

Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jones and our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry want you to know that cancers of the mouth and throat which account for about three percent of all cancers in the United States, are largely preventable.

Risk factors that affect the likelihood of developing the disease.

  •  Use of tobacco products including smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, or chewing tobacco all elevate risk for developing oral cancer.
  • Consumption of alcohol in excess can also increase your risk. If you drink alcohol regularly, you have an elevated risk of getting oral cancer.
  • Excessive sun exposure. People who spend lots of time outdoors and don’t use proper amounts of sunscreen or lip balm have a greater risk for developing lip cancer.

If you notice any unusual lumps, bumps, red or white patches in your mouth that don’t go away, sores that won’t seem to heal, persistent soreness or pain or difficulty swallowing please call our office to schedule your consult appointment immediately.

Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

Recommending Fluoride Treatment.

Many dentist and hygienist recommend fluoride treatments for their adults patients. And I know what you are thinking to yourself. “Do I really need a fluoride treatment I thought those were just for kids.” After all, most insurance plans cover fluoride treatments only up to the age 18. Studies have shown that topical fluoride applications performed by a dental professional creates a significant benefit for adults who have moderate to high risk for cavities.

The Many Benefits of Fluoride.

Many prescription medications reduce saliva flow or otherwise create dry mouth. A reduction in saliva increases cavity risk. As adults we often have restorative work such as crowns or bridges. Fluoride can help protect the margins of these restorations, ultimately protecting your investment. Fluoride treatments are a great way to prevent more cavities in patients who are already prone to them.

Patients who undergo radiation treatment for cancer also benefit from topical fluoride applications. Radiation damages saliva glands, thus greatly reducing the flow of saliva. Saliva acts as a buffer against the foods we eat and beverages we drink. Once again, less saliva greatly increases the risk of cavities.


Men’s Oral Health

Know Someone Who Is Putting Off Going to the Dentist?

Do you know someone let’s say, of the male persuasion who is always putting off going to the dentist? While many people are guilty of this, it seem men are more likely to skip their yearly check-up.

  • Women report brushing more often and more thoroughly than men.
  • 86% of women say they brush twice a day, compared to 66% of men.
  • Men replace their toothbrush less frequently than woman.

Be Vigilant About Oral Health

Studies show that men with a history of gum disease are more likely to develop certain kinds of cancer, such as kidney, pancreatic and blood cancers, than those with healthy gums. Since men admittedly take less care of their teeth, here are some ways to be extra vigilant about oral health.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day for full two minutes, use toothpaste with fluoride, use mouthwash and floss daily.
  • Replace your toothbrush every three month or after you’ve been sick.
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year for cleaning and exam.
  • If you see gum bleeding after brushing or flossing, take medications that can cause dry mouth, use tobacco, or play sports, take even greater care to visit the dentist regularly, as these can put you at greater risk for oral health problems.

Are You Using Mouthwash?

Should I Use Mouthwash?

Mouthwashes are commonly used as a part of a daily oral care regimen. Not only do they freshen breath, but some are capable of improving dental health too. Using a mouthwash daily can rinse fine debris away and out of reach while brushing. It can also make the teeth and gums more resilient to decay and disease.

Tips For Choosing A Mouthwash.

The choose to use a mouthwash and which one to use is between you and Dr. Harbin or Dr. JonesDr. Harbin or Dr. Jones. Depending on your individual oral health needs. If you determine that a mouthwash is right for you, look for one that contains fluoride, if possible. Fluoride provides an added layer of protection for your teeth, and helps them become more resistant to decay. As always, if you have any questions or concerns when choosing mouthwash, please give our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry a call for assistance in selecting the rinse that is best for you. We also invite your to ask us during your next visit to Hendersonville Family Dentistry.

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Tension, stress, and anxiety experienced during the daytime can carry over to an individual’s sleep, and lead the person to grind his or her teeth together or clench the teeth unknowingly. Sleep apnea is another condition that can result in bruxism. Regardless of the cause, however, frequent clenching and teeth grinding wears down he chewing surfaces of the teeth, reduces tooth enamel, and can result in a cracked or chipped tooth, crown or filling.

Benefits of Nightguards

Custom nightguards are fabricated to fit like a glove and protect your teeth from the adverse effects of bruxism. Nightguards are created through a non-invasive process that simply takes an impression of the bottom and top rows of teeth. The result is a nightguard that is flexible, comfortable and personalized to your mouth.

Nightguards are helpful to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of dental damage incurred as a result of teeth grinding. They can reduce the discomfort associated with a sore jaw, headaches, tooth sensitivity, ear pain, and facial pain that many patients experience as a result of clenching or grinding of their teeth. In severe cases of bruxism, patients can develop loss of hearing, jawbone misalignment, and TMJ. Therefore, customized nightguards can help prevent the progression of teeth grinding into these more serious conditions.