Fall Break Already?!

School is Out for Fall Break..Already?

Can you believe that it’s already fall break for most school’s in and around the Nashville area? I am just in disbelief that we are already into the middle of October. In just twenty days you will have your door bell, or door being knocked on from several trick or treater’s. I have to say it was nice to drive into work this morning and not have to fight the school traffic.


Perfect Time For Dental Cleaning or Dental Work

This week is the PERFECT week for you or your children to get into our office for your dental cleaning or the dental work you have been putting off. Please, remember to use your dental insurance benefits. You get an allotted amount put into your account each year for you to be able to see a dentist for dental work or cleaning’s and not come out of pocket. Why are you allowing these to go to waste? Why not use this FREE money! You don’t want to wait until after Thanksgiving to try and get in we book up rather quickly during this time. So, since it’s fall break try and get into our office this week. Remember we are open every Saturday 8:00 am- 2:00 pm.


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