Have a Loose Tooth ?

Teeth Are Fragile!



Although teeth are strong enough to tear through food, they are also fragile. An accident such as fall may loosen teeth or knock a tooth out entirely. When a child loses a baby tooth in this manner, no permanent damage is usually done. However adults who loosen their permanent teeth may need to visit Hendersonville Family Dentistry. 

When a fall or blow to the face loosens a tooth, the tissues anchoring a tooth to the jaw maybe damaged. This results in a loosened tooth that wiggles in place. There may be inflammation or bleeding of the gums, which signals dental damage.

Treatments for a Loose Tooth.

If your teeth are just slightly loose following a fall, it may be fine to wait a few days. Teeth often re-tighten on their own. Simply avoid chewing with that tooth and enjoy softer foods for a few days.

If a tooth is very loose or nearly falling out, call our office immediately! Immediate placement of the tooth back into the socket is needed to ensure its survival. In general, a tooth must return to its socket within two hours or it may be lost.

Regardless of the extent of the problem, it is essential to keep the tooth clean to prevent decay. Brush carefully with a soft bristled brush, and use mouthwash regularly to kill bacteria.


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