Oral Cancer Are You at Risk?

Oral Cancer in Hendersonville, TN.

Nearly 4,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer annually in the United States, with more than 8,000 dying every year from the disease. Oral cancer has a higher death rate than many other common cancers, including cervical cancer, testicular cancer, lymphoma and thyroid or skin cancers. The high death rate results from the fact that most oral cancers go undiagnosed until the disease is well advanced and has spread to another part of the body, most often, the lymph nodes in the neck.

Risk Factors Affecting Developing Disease.

Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jones and our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry want you to know that cancers of the mouth and throat which account for about three percent of all cancers in the United States, are largely preventable.

Risk factors that affect the likelihood of developing the disease.

  •  Use of tobacco products including smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, or chewing tobacco all elevate risk for developing oral cancer.
  • Consumption of alcohol in excess can also increase your risk. If you drink alcohol regularly, you have an elevated risk of getting oral cancer.
  • Excessive sun exposure. People who spend lots of time outdoors and don’t use proper amounts of sunscreen or lip balm have a greater risk for developing lip cancer.

If you notice any unusual lumps, bumps, red or white patches in your mouth that don’t go away, sores that won’t seem to heal, persistent soreness or pain or difficulty swallowing please call our office to schedule your consult appointment immediately.


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