Our Team-Hendersonville Dentist

Hendersonville Dentist Thanks His Team

I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my amazing team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry. From our front desk personnel who take the phone calls and greet patients upon arrival, the the office manager who rungs the day to day activities, our insurance coordinator who is constantly on the phone verifying insurance claims, the dental assistants who insure the cleanliness of the operation and sterility of the instruments, and especially the dental hygienist who keep your gums healthy. I salute each and everyone of you!

As A Patient of Our Practice in Hendersonville, TN

As a patient, you may be unaware of the training and dedication required to be a dental assistant. Dental assistants receive one year of education and training post high school, usually at a trade or technical school. This is only the beginning of their educational path. Many more years are spent on the job learning the various skills and tasks required by the dentist whom they work for. At Hendersonville Family Dentistry, our assistants are required to learn digital imaging and crown designs using our CEREC technology.

Dental hygienist receive a two year degree in dental hygiene at a college or community college. They are trained in recognizing various disease of the gums and oral cavity. They are highly trained in dental instrumentation and the removal of deposits from above and under their gums. They, too are trained in dental radiography. They are much more than “tooth cleaners” or “mouth spa workers”. Many patients are unaware that the hygienist saves teeth every day through efforts at cleaning the root surfaces and identifying problem areas that might result in premature tooth loss.

And last, but not least, consider the front office personnel. The receptionist does more than just greet the patient and answer the phone.They are the right hand to the office manager, helping with insurance file claiming, scanning documents and assisting with the completion of treatment plans. They have the most difficult job because multi-tasking must come naturally, all done with a smile on their face. Our insurance coordinator insures they are filing insurance claims in a timely manner, collection of fees, reviewing treatment plans, answering patient questions about their dental insurance policy.

So remember at your next dental appointment be sure to thank our team for their top notch job that these folks do for you! From my stand point, I couldn’t do my job without each and everyone of them! So THANK-YOU!



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