Four Steps to Breaking Your Sugar Addiction This Year

Better Health and Diet Choices.

In January, many of us start thinking about making better health and diet choices, especially after indulging in all those holiday treats! One common resolution is cutting back on sugar, which is a great idea for the health of your teeth. Many people find it hard to curb the sweet cravings, so here are four east steps to keeping your resolution.

Keeping Your Resolution.

  1. Clear out the cabinets: Commit to cutting back on sugar by clearing it out of your house. Toss out uneaten holiday cookies, pies, and cupcakes.
  2. Learn to read labels: Now that you’ve gotten the sugar our of your house, it’s time to replace them with healthier options. You need to spot sneaky food sugars on food labels.
  3. Ear on the right snacks: When sugar cravings sneak up in you, have the right snacks on hand. Choose fruits that are naturally sweet like berries, figs, or grapes.
  4. Drink water: Sometimes when you have a sugar craving, you’re actually just dehydrated. Simply drinking a glass of water could be all you need to conquer the craving.



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