Interested in Orthodontics

Adults And Braces–Hendersonville, TN

It’s never too late to perfect your smile, even when you’re a grown-up. If you want a new you in the New Year, straightening your teeth or fixing a bite issue is a great idea. Adults have a variety of options and things to consider.

Make an appointment with Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones to find out if you are a good candidate for braces. They can tell you if braces are the best option for your issue, and can address any other concerns you may have.

What Are Your Options?

Traditional metal braces will likely be the less expensive option, but there are other choices that are more costly and less noticeable. You can look into clear ceramic braces, when are still worn on the front teeth, but blend in with the color of your teeth. Lingual braces have brackets on the back of teeth instead of the front, keeping them out of sight. Invisible braces, like invisalign, are a series of clear aligners that are also removable for eating and brushing.

Call our office to schedule an appointment today, 615-822-8262.


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