Oral Health & Pregnancy

Oral Health Affecting Your Baby While Pregnant?

While pregnant, dental problems may get worse or new ones may arise. To help prevent this, one should visit the dentist regularly, use approved fluoride toothpaste, brushing and flossing twice daily, and eating a balanced diet and moderation. Those who have excessive morning sickness or/and vomiting are at an increased risk for tooth decay due to the acids in the stomach. You can try using a rinse made up of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This will help create a barrier to stop the acids from attacking your teeth.

Some Problems That May Occur During Pregnancy.

Some of the problems that may occur are pregnancy gingivitis, higher incident of decay and pregnancy tumors ( an overgrowth of tissue commonly in between teeth). Hormonal changes, diet changes, daily routine care all play a role in bringing about these potential problem.

While there are concerns regarding your dental health when pregnant, much of what people think is not true and it is even more important to maintain good oral health and proper care for one’s teeth. It is possible that without proper care there can be an effect on the baby but this is avoidable with regular dental visits and good home care.


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