Dentistry is More Than Just Dentistry

A Nashville Dentist Has Many Responsibilities

A dentist provides dental treatment, they also offer care to under served people and areas.. They may owe on loans, and must support the salary of the team they employ. They are active in organized dentistry to protect their profession and to stay current on evidence-based dentistry. Finally, they abide by our code of ethics, which are the essential pieces to our profession.

But..Dentistry is more than just dentistry.

A Leader in our Community

Being a leader in our community is one of our greatest responsibilities. It’s also a chance to do something else that we are passionate about. We owe ourselves time away from dentistry to de-stress. So in our free time we like to give back to the community by volunteering, participating in school programs to educate students and much more. Dentistry is a gift and it’s an incredible talent that we have been given. However, it’s just one of our many talents, and we like to help other’s with our other talents in our free time.


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