How Can I Ensure My College Student Maintains Good Dental Health

Many College Students Neglect Their Dental Health

When your kid(s) go off to college they are officially no longer under direct parental supervision. This means that most will end of neglecting their dental health. They end up waiting until they are in their middle to late twenties before visiting a dentist. Most won’t even end up going to the dentist until it’s too late and there is already a problem area. This is bad news!

Is Your College Student Home For the Summer?

Offering to pay for their dental visits can be a good incentive for them to go, but why not make sure this incentive has a time limit-say thirty days. This way the offer is a use it or lose it proposition and hopefully too good to refuse. Now that summer is here this is a good time to make the offer, since many college student are indeed home for the summer.


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