Have You Had A Oral Cancer Screening Recently?

Known Facts of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer, will be diagnosed in 34,000 American’s this year. Successful treatment of the condition is dependent upon early detection as half of all patients diagnosed with oral cancer live less than 5 years. Oral cancer often starts as a small sore spot anywhere in the mouth but soon shows other signs which are less typical, including:

  • Bleeding from the sore
  • Color change of oral tissues
  • Pain, tenderness or numbness of the mouth
  • Change in the way teeth fit together

Oral cancer is most often (but not always) found in those who use any form of tobacco and the risk increases when combined with alcohol use. Upon reaching 40, the risk of oral cancer also increases. Through these contribute disease, 25% of oral cancer patients have no known risk factors.

Why It’s Important To Get An Oral Cancer Screening

This disease is often ignored although it is very serious. It is important to get an Oral Cancer Screening when you come in as part of your dental examination. If the results from your screening are abnormal, additional test will need to be done to ensure that you don’t have cancer. Cancer screenings are routinely done for patients with no signs of cancer, because if a person does have oral cancer it is important to catch it early before it begins to spread. The earlier the detection is found, the better the prognosis will be.

Be sure to ask us about an Oral Cancer Screening at your next visit.


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