Top Nine Foods That Damage Your Teeth

What You Eat Matters

Like most of us we all enjoying chowing down, weather it’s at mealtime or one of our favorite snacks. Do you ever consider though what you are eating isn’t good for your teeth? I am sure it never hits you that some of your favorite indulgences aren’t only not healthy for you, but they may sit on your teeth longer than you think.

Nine Foods That Damage Your Teeth

  • Hard Candies- Not only are these hard candies full of sugar, but they can also trigger a dental emergency due to a chipped or broken tooth.
  • Ice- The ice in your drink is for chilling not chewing. I’m sure you are thinking how can ice be bad for me, it’s just water. It isn’t good for your teeth’s enamel, it leaves your teeth vulnerable, and can also chip or break your teeth. Stop the habit now!
  • Citrus Intake- Frequent exposure to acidic foods can erode enamel, making your teeth susceptible to decay over time.
  • Coffee- Not all coffee is good for you. Coffee in it’s natural form can be healthy. Like most Americans though we have to add in the sugar and let’s not forget the creamer. Drink plenty of water and keep add on’s to a minimum.
  • Sticky Foods-Sticky foods can damage your teeth since they stay on your teeth longer than other types of food.
  • Things that Crunch- Those oh so delicious potato chips, although they are delicious they are full of starch which tends to get trapped in your teeth.
  • Soda- Swap out those soda’s for water. Most carbonated drinks (even diet) are acidic, which is bad for your teeth.
  • Alcohol-Drinking alcohol causes dry mouth and dehydration. People who drink excessively over time will have a decrease in saliva flow which can lead to tooth decay,
  • Soft Drinks- Although they sounds healthy in many sports & energy drinks the top ingredient is none other than sugar. Next time see if your favorite sports drink is low in sugar if it isn’t drink water.

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