Nashville Cosmetic Dentist Loves Classic Water Flosser

Have You Ever Tried A Water Flosser?

When going to your hygienist does it seem like even though you brush she is still scraping away lots of plaque? We have a solution for you, that is inexpensive and just may help with any of these listed issues. The easy and more effective way to floss, the Waterpik Classic Water Flosser powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline. With six water pressure settings you can customize your Waterpik for a gentle-to-deep-cleaning. Waterpik Water Flossers are clinically proven to be more effective than traditional dental floss.

Where to Buy a Water Flosser

You don’t have to worry about ordering online or having to drive out of your way to go and buy a Waterpik Water Flosser. You can pick up your very own Waterpik Water Flosser at Hendersonville Family Dentistry. They are inexpensive and if you have any questions or concerns regarding this product then you can ask any of our hygienist or doctor’s while in the office. This product is great for a wide variety of people. For example those with implants, braces, veneer’s, those with crowns or bridges, or just for anyone in general who wants to improve their overall oral hygiene.


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