How to Keep Holiday Smiles Bright

Avoid Tooth Damage and Decay by Making Oral Health a Priority

The busy holiday season may disrupt many people’s daily routines, but at this time of year it is especially important to look after your teeth. Since the holiday season has arrived I am sure you are seeing more sugary sweets around the office or in your home more than usual. Although it’s fine to indulge in all of the holiday treats, be sure you are taking extra care of your teeth after consuming these delicious treats.

Steps to Prevent Tooth Decay this Holiday Season

If you can’t brush or floss after eating sweets, drink plenty of water or chew a piece of sugar free gum, which will increase saliva flow to help wash away the bacteria. Some wines to stay away from this holiday season are red & white wines these are highly acidic and can eat away your teeth’s enamel. Also, refrain from swishing wine around in your mouth and drink water in between glasses of wine to rinse acid from your teeth.


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