Give the Gift of Oral Care this Holiday Season

Stuff your Loved One’s Stocking with Gifts that Combat Tooth Decay

Are you looking for gift idea’s for your loved one’s this holiday season? If you are like me I am always scrambling at the last minute to find items to stuff in the stockings before Christmas night. Like most people this holiday season we will all be indulging in our families home cooked meals. Let’s not forget all of those sugary items we look forward to each year such as fudge, peanut butter balls, sugar cookies with the home made iced frosting, cider, eggnog & boiled custard just to name a few.

Recommended Holiday Stocking Stuffer’s

Hendersonville Family Dentistry recommends some of our favorite items this holiday season to promote good oral care.

  • Electronic toothbrush- Electric toothbrushes come with vibrating, oscillating or sonic brush heads; and the basic models are relatively inexpensive.  These are perfect for the holiday season, most come with a built in timer perfect to ensure you are brushing for the full two minutes.
  • Dental Floss & Sugar Free Gum- While most people are guilty of not flossing, who is to say giving the gift of floss wouldn’t encourage someone to floss? Also, sugar free gum is always great to have on you for after meals to get rid of any food particles that may still be lingering.

Give the gift of Oral Care this holiday season, you may be surprised just how good of a gift you are giving to your friends & family.


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