Choosing A Toothbrush Manual vs. Electronic

Manual Toothbrush: A Classic Route To Dental Care

There are many advantages to manual toothbrush, we have been using this toothbrush for many years it has a good track record. Advantages include:

  • Cost & Availability- it’s inexpensive and accessible, majority of your dentist will give these toothbrushes away.
  • Easy to travel with- it’s easy to take a manual toothbrush with you on your trips, it isn’t bulky and it fits in just about anything.
  • Put less or more pressure on teeth and gums- You can feel how much pressuring you are using with your manual toothbrush some tend to brush too hard while other’s aren’t brushing well enough.
  • Good for kids- Most kids can use a manual toothbrush safely and effectively once they are taught.

Electronic Toothbrushes: Recommended In Some Cases

Electronic toothbrushes are on the rise, most dentist are even recommending them to their patients. In cases where people are brushing way too hard, an electronic toothbrush will stop working if the person operating the toothbrush is pressing down too hard on their teeth. It’s recommended to those who have lots of build-up and lack brushing, while using an electronic toothbrush they begin to feel how cleaner their teeth are when using an electronic toothbrush and will continue to use it more often than not. For those who aren’t brushing long enough, the electronic toothbrush has a built in timer and will let you know when it’s been two minutes of brushing. These toothbrushes are better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease. Don’t forget even while using an electronic toothbrush you still must change out the bristles or attachment’s just as you would when you change out your manual toothbrush.


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