Funny Dental Facts & Myths

Dental Facts & Myths: Interesting & Crazy Things You May Not Know

  • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body; however, we do NOT recommend you use your pearly whites to open bottles.
  • The plaque on your teeth is home to more than 300 different species of bacteria. Mouthwash anyone?
  • Your dentist recommends at least two-three minutes a day brushing your teeth; an average person spends about 48 seconds per day.
  • Six is the magic number-magic number of feet away from your toilet you should store your toothbrush in order to avoid airborne particles from toilet flushing making their way to your bristles—YUCK!!
  • According to a survey conducted by Time Magazine most people would rather have a dental appointment then sit next to someone talking on their cellphone.

Still Want More Interesting Facts On Dental

  • In China, in 1498 the first toothbrush with bristles was made, using hair from hogs, horses, and even badgers.
  • The first official commercial toothbrush was manufactured in 1938.
  • In early America, blacksmiths often also served as dentists. Want a tooth filling with your horse’s new shoes?
  • In Medieval Germany, the only cure for a toothache was kissing a donkey
  • 73% of American’s would rather go grocery shopping than floss.
  • Contrary to belief,George Washington’s famous dentures weren’t made from wood.. His four pairs of custom chompers were crafted from gold, ivory lead and a mixture of human, donkey, and hippopotamus teeth.

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