Crazy Dental Facts

Some Of The Craziest Dental Facts You Never Knew Anything About

Recently in a magazine article we came across some of the craziest dental facts we have ever read. We are wanting to share them with you and see what y’all think about them.

Top Sixteen Crazy Dental Facts

  1. Over three million miles of dental floss is purchased every year in North America–that is enough to circle the earth 120 times.
  2. In the Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was thought to cure a toothache.
  3. People who don’t floss miss out on cleaning 35% of their tooth surfaces.
  4. Every year, over one billion dollars is spent on products to mask bad breath.
  5. You are 2x more likely to have a stroke from gum disease than cardiovascular disease.
  6. Proper gum care has been linked to a decrease in Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms.
  7. Tooth decay is the second most common disease in the US. The common cold is number 1.
  8. Woman with healthy gums are 7x less likely to go into pre-term labor than those with periodontal disease.
  9. More than 50%  of uninsured Americans skip necessary dental appointments  due to financial limitations
  10. When you flush the toilet, particles can travel up to six feet through the air. So if you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom.. keep it in the cabinet
  11. Nearly 75% of adults have some kind of gum disease– and don’t even know it.
  12. The average root canal  costs $608 to treat– you can save all of that with regular preventative care.
  13. An inmate escaped a West Virginia prison in 1994 by braiding a strand of dental floss and scaling the wall.
  14. Dental plaque is composed of over 300 forms of bacteria
  15. If you don’t replace your toothbrush after catching a cold, the bacteria living in the brush bristles can reinfect you and have you bedridden all over again. Break the cycle!
  16. Cavities affect over 4 million children in the US alone.

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