Toothpaste Can Be Used For More Than Just Brushing Your Teeth

Hendersonville Dentist Explains How Toothpaste Can Be Used For More Than Cleaning Your Teeth

Did you know that toothpaste can be used for numerous things other than just cleaning your teeth. Although it is very important to brush at least twice a day, and don’t forget to floss at least once a day. Also, remember to always change your toothbrush out every three-four months to maintain a healthy mouth. Home dental care is critical, so you should visit the dentist regularly. Need an appointment, call Hendersonville Family Dentistry we are convenient and we can get you in fast! We also offer same day treatment!

Ten Things You Didn’t Know Toothpaste Could Help Other Than Maintaining Fresh Breath

  • Did you know cleaning your sink fixtures with toothpaste can make them sparkly clean? The natural abrasives in toothpaste can make your fixtures gleam.
  • Have stains on your clothes or carpet that you can’t get rid of? Gently scrub with toothpaste & rinse and you may find that toothpaste is the new go to in order to get those deep stains out.
  • Have water stains on your favorite wood furniture that you think is permanent?  Clean your furniture with toothpaste and I bet it comes right off.
  • Kids writing all over your walls? Add a bit of toothpaste to a wet rag and watch it come right off your walls. Need to fill a hole in the wall. Add some toothpaste and let it dry, it cheaper than the putty you can buy from the store and works just the same.
  • Can’t get the white on your shoes clean or bright enough. Add toothpaste and rub with steel wool and watch those white shoes sparkle.
  • Is the Iron getting dull and sometimes staining your clothes? Put some toothpaste on the iron and rub with a soft cloth and ta da you have a clean iron all over again.
  • Have breakouts on your face? Do you have dry skin. Add toothpaste to the dry skin & breakouts and watch it disappear. It works that fast.
  • Is your jewelry beginning to not sparkle anymore. Grab an old toothbrush and apply toothpaste to the jewelry and scrub clean. It will be back to sparkling in no time.
  • Got a motorcycle and you want that chrome to be clean? Some chrome cleaners can be so expensive. Apply toothpaste and scrub with a light cloth and it will begin to sparkle & gleam like you never imagined.
  • Have an odor on your hands that when washing your hands it still doesn’t seem to go away. Scrub with some toothpaste and your hands will smell minty fresh!

Don’t believe toothpaste can do all of these things, try it for yourself and see. I am sure you will be excited to know that these home remedies are inexpensive and work as good if not better then some of the most expensive cleaner’s.



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