Hendersonville Dentist Wants You To Know The Ugly Truth About Your Toothbrush

Hendersonville Dentist Wants You To Know When To Ditch Your Toothbrush

When reaching for your toothbrush in the morning you may not even realize what may be hanging on your toothbrush’s bristles. Toothbrushes can become contaminated with oral microbial organisms whenever a toothbrush is placed in your mouth. Viruses & bacteria from an infected person’s mouth can live on your toothbrush for weeks and may even continue to cause illness. Even normal healthy microorganisms can cause infection.

Hendersonville Dentist Wants You To Remember To Change Your Toothbrush 

You may not even think about cleaning your toothbrush, since you are wetting it everyday to scrub your teeth. However it is easy to clean your toothbrush–and important. Give your toothbrush a through rinse with tap water to remove any debris. If you are sick you may want to soak your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash or even run it through the dishwasher. Dr. Harbin wants you to know it’s best to store your toothbrush in a cup or rack, don’t store it somewhere where it can’t dry properly. You should be replacing your toothbrush every three to four months. Do you have frayed bristles? It is time to replace your toothbrush, frayed teeth will not clean your teeth properly. This goes for those electrical toothbrushes as well.  


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