Straight Teeth, Less Time–Six Month Smiles

Hendersonville Dentist Offer’s Six Month Smiles

There are million of adults each day that are ashamed of their smile. They don’t want to smile or show their teeth, because they are self conscious of their teeth. Many spend most of their life covering their mouth when they laugh, smile or talk. Most feel they are stuck, because they don’t want to wear adult metal braces due to being too expensive.

Six month smiles technique employes the latest technology & techniques in dentistry, by moving your teeth quickly & safely with clear adult braces.


Schedule your Appointment with Hendersonville Dentist Today!

Interested in Six Month Smiles? Hendersonville Family Dentistry has several six month smile patient’s. Dr. Harbin love’s to do before & after picture’s so our patients can see the result in using Six Month Smiles. If you have any questions or concern’s about Six Month Smiles call our office today (615)822-8262 and we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.



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