Hendersonville Dentist wants you to know when to bring your child to the dentist

Hendersonville Dentist informs you of your child’s first dental appointment

The best time to take your child to his or her first dentist appointment may be earlier then you think! You should bring your child into the dentist around or before his or her first birthday. The first visit is all about getting your child use to the dentist, and educating parents on how to care for your baby’s teeth.

Hendersonville Dentist educates parents about their child’s first dentist visit

When the child turns two, this is when the standard every six month check-up begins to kick in. When your child is the age between four and six he or she may have their first set up x-rays to check for cavity’s that may be in between the teeth. You are the parent ultimately you can decided if and when you would like to take your child to the dentist. This is what we recommend it isn’t a requirement. We always want the dentist to be a good experience and never a bad one. Hendersonville Family Dentistry loves when kids come to visit our office, they always leave with a treasure.


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