Hendersonville Dentist encourages Cavity Free Club

Hendersonville Dentist encourages children

Hendersonville Family Dentistry discusses the importance of oral hygiene with all of the kids. We are encouraging kids in our office to be cavity free. We are hoping with encouraging them to be cavity free they will take extra care of their teeth. With learning to care for their teeth early on as a child, it promotes good dental health and oral hygiene.

Hendersonville Dentist promotes their Cavity Free Club

When kids enter our office they will get their regular cleaning and exam; Dr, Harbin will exam the child’s teeth and if he see’s zero cavities he or she will be rewarded with being apart of the Cavity Free Club. Upon being a cavity free member, their name will be entered into a drawing for two free movie tickets, and a special certificate. (This applies to those who are 15 and under.) Also, in our monthly newsletter their name will appear in it announcing they are cavity free. Dr. Harbin enjoys seeing children in our office, and he enjoys what he does he wants to ensure each individual child knows the importance of caring for their teeth.


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