Hendersonville Dentist celebrates April Fool’s Day

Hendersonville Dentist plays practical jokes

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day the classic day to play lots of jokes on your friends and family. Here at Hendersonville Family Dentistry our staff played different pranks on one another. Poor Dr. Harbin didn’t stand a chance against his staff yesterday. It started out by someone placing Vaseline under his car door handle. He was super surprised when he went to rush out of the office for lunch. When returning from lunch he was hit with Nerf guns, and water guns by his staff.  We didn’t forget about our front desk girls either, upon returning to the office they couldn’t figure out why their computer mouse wasn’t working. The ole tape over the sensor got them!

Staff at Hendersonville Family Dentist make a great team

If you haven’t been to Hendersonville Family Dentistry you are truly missing out on a wonderful team. Everyone loves coming to work and seeing each other; they all work together as a team to ensure everyone gets the utmost care. Call us today to set up an appointment, we are always accepting new patients.



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