Hendersonville Dentistry wants you to know the importance of flossing!

Hendersonville Dentist discuss the importance of flossing

When going to a dentist there is always that one question you are bound to hear when getting your teeth cleaned. “Have you been flossing regularly?” Most of us always try to play it off and say; ” Yes, but not all the time.” When in all honesty the true answer would be no we hardly ever think about flossing our teeth. I am sure we all think, isn’t brushing at least twice a day enough? That takes up enough time doesn’t it?

Why flossing is so important

While brushing your teeth is very important, when brushing you are only removing the plaque off of your teeth. You aren’t removing the plaque that is in between your teeth if you aren’t flossing. Do you realize while you are eating there are lots of food particles that can get stuck in between your teeth? You can save yourself time and money by flossing to prevent certain diseases like gingivitis.It also prevents bad breath, discolored teeth and discomfort.

Don’t know the proper way to floss or have more question on flossing? Hendersonville Family Dentistry can answer all of those questions and more.



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