Hendersonville Dentist is giving to a good cause.

Hendersonville Dentist gives back to help other’s

Here at Hendersonville Family Dentistry Dr. Harbin is giving back to a good cause. This past Sunday at his church he received a red bag, that had a logo of “Living the Dream.”. Attached to the bag was picture’s of different items that you could fill the bag up with. For example:cracker’s, cereal, canned food items, pasta & sauce, fruit snacks etc. Dr. Harbin was very excited about this opportunity to give back to those who really need it. 

Hendersonville Dentist shops for a good cause

Dr. Harbin went to the local grocery store, and began to fill his bag up. He made sure to get a variety of all the food items that were listed on the bag. After filling his bag up, he brought it back to the office to show his employee’s at the office all of the goodie’s he had bought. Now he will return it to his church on Sunday so they can hand it out to those who need the food items he purchased. How awesome is that? Did you know that Dr. Harbin enjoys giving back to those who are in need?


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