Hendersonville Dental Office Talks About Insurance

Have you ever went to a dental office, paid your co-pay, and then were hit with a bill the next month?

At first, you might think that the dental office is just out to get your money. The trick to finding out what you owe after your insurance pays is to keep up with the explanation of benefits that your insurance sends you. We have had instances in our office where a patient came in for a filling, paid their co-pay, and when insurance paid they downgraded.

We had to send the patient a bill for the remaining balance on their account that insurance did not cover.

The patient gave us a call and was confused to why they owed anything when they paid their co-pay for that day. We had to explain to the patient that we never know what insurance pays until we get payment. We told the patient to look at the EOB (explanation of benefits) that they received. Upon looking at the EOB, the patient understood, and all was well.


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