Is your dentist in Hendersonville probing your gums every six months, if not they should be.

It is very important to have a gum disease check in Hendersonville every six months. Your Dentist or hygienist can do this very quickly and easily.

hendersonville family dentistry

It only takes 5-10 minutes and it is the new standard of care. There has been a big push from the medical doctors (not the dentists) for this to be done. If gum disease occurs it can start affecting the other organs of the body, especially the heart. I have had a lot of Docs from Vandy send me patients in before they would work on them. They wanted them cleared for gum disease.

The dental infection that starts in your mouth can get into your gums and enter the blood stream.

It can also raise inflammation in the body, which is now being linked to almost every thing. So not only can periodontitist ( gum disease) cause you to lose your teeth, there may be much more at stake! Click Here for more information.


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