hendersonville dentist attends entreleadership


Hendersonville Dentist Dr. Scott Harbin attends Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership

     I keep gaining more and more respect for Dave Ramsey. Owning a dental office in hendersonville, I thought this simulcast conference was amazing! I spent a alot of time reading and listening to his books and I’ve seen him twice at one of my churches.

Dentists get almost no leadership  training in Dental School.

     We are not taught how to lead. We are taught how to be an entitled boss and thats about it. Dave looks at it from an entirely different approach and it was game changing for me. As a Dentist/Leader I have to be great at both, not just the clinical dentistry part.

     I used to look as it as if an empolyee as someone who fills a role and helps grows the business, and I became friends with them cool, and if not that was ok as long as we all got our jobs done. Dave looks at it as more like a family, employees are to be taken care of even under circumstances were you dont have to.

Dave spoke about how an employee came and said her 3 year old had cancer. He gave her paid leave for 6 weeks.

     The company also came together and prepared meals for the family, and took turns mowing their yard. That is the kind of company I want to own and be a part of. Trick is how to implement this into my dentist office when funds are often limited. Guess I will just have to be more creative on how I show my team how amazing they are. Gonna work hard on becoming a good servant leader at the denist practice in hendersonville


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