person brain dead from tooth abcess?

So I am driving in my car yesterday in hendersonville and hear a story about a ER patient who lost his brain function from a tooth abcess.

     They stated the patient went to the emergency room for tooth pain. No one at the hospital knew how to pull teeth, so they suggested he go to a dentist.  Well the patient couldnt afford to go to the dentist.

Toothache patient comes back to emergency room at a later date and with the same toothache. The Tooth ache patient is told again to go to the dentist. Patient with toothache is given antibiotics and pain medicine prescription.

    Patient did get the pain medicine filled at 3 dollars, but did not get the 30 dollar antibiotic filled.

Dental patient comes back to the emergency room and is transported to a larger hospital. The radio said the patient was brain dead from the infection spreading to his/her brain.

    Well I heard all of this on the radio so I don’t know if it is true or not. On the radio the patients mother was blaming the hospital. This is a tough situation. The patient walked in with the problem. The problem was from neglect. Im sure the mother could have given the patient a couple of hundred dollars for the extraction. But you also have to  feel horrible for the patient and his/her family. The problem with this situation is the patient comes into the hospital in a bad situation and the hospital then becomes responsible for the patients problem.

     So who is to blame if anybody?

 The hospital could have had an oral surgeon on call or gave the dental patient a list of free dental clinics. However,I sure the patient knew he had the  problem for a long time and could have googled the free clinic just as easily.

    All and all this is a horrible situation. The hospital could have handled it better, but that is kind of like being a monday morning quarterback.  The patient was neglectful for his/her health it seems also. I dont think anyone was in the wrong, it was just a horrible situation. Just my opinion. The family is understandably devastated



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