Hendersonville family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Harbin

Our cerec machine, the machine that makes crowns in one day in our hendersonville dentist office is going great.

      When we first got this thing I was a little concerned that it couldn’t do everything with dentistry the salesman said it could do. But after having it for 4 months I absolutely love it. Our dental crowns fit better! We can adjust the color in house if its off a little, and our patients get their crown the same day, instead of having to wear a plastic temperary crown for 2 weeks.

This thing is so great! The quality of our dental work has just gone through the roof.

     Being a family and cosmetic dentist is sometimes hard. Your teeth are not like buying a car. If your car dies you can purchase another one, but we have to continue to fix your teeth no matter how bad a condition they are in. You cant really just go buy new ones. But this machine has made things alot more predictable, and we can provide better patient care with it. If your dentist doesn’t have one I would try to talk him into getting one.

The beautiful thing about the cerec is that is has been pretty much free!

     We used to have to pay a dental lab 3 to 5 thousand dollars a month. Now we dont have to do that. So the money from the Lab goes to paying the expensive cost of the machine. It works out to about even either way, meaning we didnt have to raise our fees to get them machine! We also have a  a new service called Oraverse. This an injection we can give you at the end of the appointment remove the numbing. So you never have to leave the dentist again with a numb mouth, you can go about your day normally

    I really hope more dentist in nashville and hendersonville will get on board with this technology, its really a great value for my patients.


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