Please ask your hendersonville dentist for before and after photos

It is very important for to know the skills of the hendersonville dentist who is doing your veneers.

     Here is the problem: Often doctors dont know how amazing or bad they are! We all think that we are great. So if your Doc or hendersonville dentist doesn’t even know how good he is, then how in the world are you suppose to?

Well, My suggestion is to just look at thier before and after pictures of their cases

     If they do it alot they should have some pictures. If they dont have pictures they may not being doing it all the time, and you want your veneers done by someone who does it often. Someone who has the experience. If a dentist is only doing one smile design a year, he/she doesn’t get to practice it enough!

Smile designs or Smile makeovers to me arent really that complicated if you know what your doing. If you know which cases should be done and you have an amazing lab.

     Your dentist does not make the teeth. The lab is just as important as the dentist. And just because someone charges more does not mean they are better. It just means they charge more.


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