Hendersonville and Nashvilles Taylor Swift is Out Selling the Beatles!

Hendersonvilles Taylor Swift tour “Speak Now” it out selling Paul Mcartney’s Summer Tour.

  Very impressed with Taylors rise over the last couple of years. I live in Nashville so we get to hear how nice these singers are in person, and I’ve pretty much never heard anything bad said about her.

One of My Friends and Dental Patients use to be one of her dancers.

    He said she is a great person and employer. Im pretty sure he got to travel the world with her, so he would know if shes sencere. All and all I am very glad to hear that she has risen so high so quickly. Especially since she is from hendersonville where my dental practice is.

So How In The World Does a 21 Year Old Pull This Off?

well from Ive heard her dad is one of the best businesssmen in the country. Mutual friends have stated he’s brilliant. Im sure for this much success it takes Taylor’s Talent and  her familys business since to get something like this off the ground. Very happy for this girl and her family’s success.

Post Written by Dr. Scott Harbin



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