Dental Question Someone Asked Me Yesterday


hendersonville dentist Dr. Scott Harbin

hendersonville dentist Dr. Scott Harbin

Yesterday I was at the gym and a girl there asked what she should do

     She stated that she was pregnant. She also stated that a previous dentist suggested that she have her wisdom teeth removed, a long time ago when she was not pregnant. She asked me what she should do about them.

Well I told her it is hard to say.

     what I would normally say ( if she wasnt pregnant) was to come in and get a free x-ray, I would send her over to the oral surgeon with the x-ray. The problem is she is pregnant and x-rays are usually not suggested when you are pregnant.  So what should she do?

I told her that I couldnt say for sure because I have not seen the teeth.

She stated she just thought that the teeth were trying to come in. I told her if any dental treatment were to be done it is usually preformed during the 2nd trimester, which she was in. However, I told her if the teeth do not have big cavites, and gum disease I thought it would be best to have them out after the pregnancy. My line of thinking was that if we cant take the x-ray the oral surgeon would be going in without some information. I honestly doubt they would even do the procedure without it, and it is a pretty invasive procedure as far as dentistry goes. I dont really want her going through something that invasive when she is pregant unless we just have too. The best thing to do would have probably have her come in for a visual exam and take a look, but probably we will wait until after she has the baby, and is done breast feeding. Just my professional opinion so take that for what is worth. Every person is different, you should consult your own dentist for your personal situation.


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